Good Eats at a Circus that Rocks!

Where people come for food, performance, rock 'n' roll in a theater circus atmosphere.  Food and live stage shows is Eatertainment.

The Rock & Glitz Supper Club is a new themed entertainment destination for guests of all ages.  This restaurant theater will present live entertainment in a trendy rock & glitz way.  This themed restaurant theater will entertain families with tweens and older. 

When traditional circuses were created, it was a way for the "common person" to see and enjoy live entertainment.  This restaurant, bar, and cabaret theater updates the concept and brings back fun and rock entertainment into the hands of everyone.

Our establishment is a comfortable and fun environment to entertain people looking for something different, outside of just a movie on date night.  This is a rock 'n' roll cabaret circus atmosphere in a trendy dinner theater with good food and good fun.

COMING 2025 - watch for pop up events.