The Phobia Cabaret is a choose your own adventure styled rock & roll circus where the guests can face their fears, laugh at them, and rock out to some fun and classic rock / alternative music.

While this show is not for the faint of heart and is designed for ages 13 and up, you will have fun as a member of the audience spins the "WHEEL OF DEATH" (complete with cast member strapped on) to see what fear the audience will face next.

Each fear is faced with humor, some jump scares, rock music, singing, dancing, circus acts, and very creepy costumes.  It is a different show every night.

If you don't like clowns, or zombies, or spiders, or snakes, or ghosts, or the asylum - Phobia Cabaret just might have the creepy pasta story just for you.

Bring your friends, bring your teens, bring your mom, bring your date.  You will laugh, you will have fun, you will sing along, and you will be creeped out.

Choose your own adventure at the "Phobia Cabaret."