SteamPunk!, the Rock & Roll Circus Musical is a fun adaptation of the classic tale, Hunchback of Notre Dame.  This is a dark classic spun with some of the best 80's rock and alternative music from the era.

Quasimoto is the Hunchback that has been trapped in the belltower of the church since Judge Frollo killed his gypsy mother on the steps of Notre Dame.  When he falls in love with the gypsy queen, Esmeralda, he is faced with stepping into the world for the very first time, much to the dismay of Judge Frollo.  Frollo's infatuation with Esmeralda leads the town and the Church of the Poisoned Mind on an adventure of power and love. Who will win Esmeralda's love?

This  90 minute show is filled with acrobatics, live music, circus acts, intertwined in a classic tale.  This show is recommended for tweens and up.