Rock & Roll Company

8546 SVL

Spring Valley Lake, CA 92395

Meet the Griffins...

Denise and Johnny Griffin have been business partners and married for 30 years.  When they met, they were managers for major restaurant and nightclub chains.  Combined, they have almost 25 years of restaurant/nightclub and management experience.  They founded Griffin Entertainment, a company that was an artist booking agency for festivals and fairs nationwide.  This was in operation for a decade.  In 2007, Denise and Johnny founded a nonprofit arts education corporation that built up to over 200 employees and 20 million in annual revenue.  They founded the Rock & Roll Company in 2018 as a place to build a legacy for their family and a place to continue to create rock & roll masterpieces.

Johnna Griffin is an Artistic Director for all things rock & roll circus.  As a performing artist, Johnna traveled and performed in over 15 countries.  She is a singer, dancer, choreographer, director, teacher.  Studying professional performing arts in college, Johnna has built a career of creating original productions that have earned awards and have headlined theaters worldwide.

Jayleen Hill is an Artistic Director and a circus performer.  As a singer, dancer, juggler, director, choreographer, teacher - Jayleen has performed in over 11 countries and has been seen by millions on YouTube (PopStar High with Toddrick Hall).  She worked for Disney and studied professional performing arts in college.  She is an award winning choreographer and has created productions that have toured California and have won National awards and recognition.

Dean Griffin is a Music Producer that owns his own record label BoogieDayz.  Dean has performed in multiple countries and in major venues like the Music Hall at the House of Blues.  He is a multi faceted entertainer (songwriter, musician, singer, dancer, juggler, actor) and is a social media influencer.